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Constantly curious and driven by the desire to always make things clear, accurate and effective through passion, expertise, attention, understanding and research. Instead of mechanically churn out off the mark words, I prefer to dive deep into the depths of meaning, nuance and context and come up with cogent, accurate and effective results.

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About me

I am a native Bengali & Sylheti speaking freelance translator and language services provider, based in Bangladesh. I have been doing translation work for 20+ years on a freelance basis. My experience in various kinds of translation range from fun & easy webpages for kids (Sesame Street in Bengali) to highly technical books on Earthquake Engineering, from classic literary pieces by famous authors to workers' safety manual for factory workers, from tele-documentary voice-over scripts to legal & medical documents up to booklets on new-age spiritualism/religion. In other words, I believe I have a wide range of capacity to translate and if needs be, culturally and/or intellectually adapt materials on various subjects for a diverse audience : both targeted and general. I am also interested in undertaking Voice Over, Voice Recording, etc projects in Bengali.

I am committed to quality and punctuality. I fully appreciate and respect the concerns of agencies and other outsourcers regarding the quality and timely delivery of the translation -- when they assign a job to a new translator, based overseas. Therefore, I offer a firm commitment and assurance to quality, instead of a cheap shoddy bargain product which may cause serious damage both to the end-customer and to the reputation of the agency/outsourcer involved.

I have translated various English language TV programmes (English to Bengali) for the most popular Bangladeshi TV channel Ekushey Television Ltd. in Bangladesh, as well as for other channels. I also translated technical books, manuals, information leaflets, etc for both governmental and non-governmental and foreign organisations . I have also translated various literary pieces of famous authors and published articles in both Bengali and English language national dailies. I am also familiar with information technology and Internet related jargon.

My experience in various kinds of translation range from the extremely audience-friendly translation of the documentary TV series "Toyota World of Wild Life" aired on Ekushey Television of Bangladesh or the manual of neo-natal child care for "Save the Children" to the highly technical translation of the "Guidelines For Earthquake Resistant Non-Engineered Construction. The intended level of lucidity for the translated version of the "Toyota World of Wild Life" was that it should be comprehensible and enjoyable even to people who received schooling upto, Grade- VII / VIII, while the Save the Children's manual was intended to be accessible to mid-level health workers around the country dealing especially with asphyxiate children. On the other hand, the "Guidelines For Earthquake Resistant Non-Engineered Construction" was intended for engineers and people in decision making and senior positions with engineering/relevant science background. In 2006, another book (bilingual) on Earthquake Engineering, the "Earthquake Resistant Design Manual", came out which too I have translated. It's jointly published by Bangladesh Earthquake Society and APPL (Academic Press and Publishers Limited), Dhaka. The translated versions of these earthquake books are of pioneering nature in terms of translation, since there is no precedent work in Bengali language of similar nature. Translation of these very highly technical books posed a great challenge, not just because they were very technical - but also because there were no books on the subject in Bengali, no glossaries and very few relevant terminologies. The translation required a strong and appropriate balance/combination between linguistic skills and capacity to research and understand new technical matters/concepts, ability to translate, transcreate and discriminate conceptually, perceptively and discerningly, and retain or innovate critically - if and when necessary. The successful translation, completion and acceptance of these projects by the client and eventual publication of these books are a testament to my ability and show that I met all the challenges and requirements mentioned above.

I am also familiar with principles of good practice [ISPOR] for the translation and cultural adaptation process for Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures and the role of a local project coordinator in this regard.

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